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About Hill-Top Candy!

Hill-Top Candy has produced hand-made candy since 1946. Salt water taffy is made year round, although it is enjoyed more often in the summer months at coastal settings. Salt Water Taffy has never been made with salt water, and Hill-Top has used the same recipe for decades. We do not use egg, milk, or tree nuts by choice. Our candy is made in copper kettles over open flame, cooled, pulled with an antique puller, and wrapped on antique Kiss machines. Where candy and antique meet we have upgraded to food grade materials.

An assortment comes with at least 12 flavors and there are approximately 66 pieces to the pound, so you are bound to enjoy what you purchase. Your assortment will never include peanut butter. Taffy containing peanut butter is sold separately in molasses peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter and marshmallow peanut butter packages. We have 60 flavors of taffy and try new ones frequently. Some are good, some not, - some so good that they become part of the line. Wholesale customers have the option of choosing from our flavors or trying their own. Last year we added peanut butter and jelly. This year we hope that pomegranate will be a success. Great care is taken with our ingredients, and even our paper is made especially for us.

There is no mass production, so you will always get the freshest taffy possible. Our candy, when sold at stores, is also of excellent quality. We encourage our customers to buy frequently insmall quantities to keep it fresh. If you can refrain from finishing all your candy, taffy, like all our candy, likes to be stored in a cool, dry place. No refrigerators or dashboards and your candy will keep for several months.

Puff is another old-fashioned candy that we make. It is sugar, corn syrup, salt and baking soda. It rises and when eaten is crunchy on the outside and dissolves in your mouth. Based on where you spent your childhood you might know puff as sponge toffee, sponge candy, seafoam, fairy food candy, angel food candy, or honey comb candy. Some people will remember Grandma making puff when they were little. Puff is not yet available year round, but we hope to change that. Recently we added some flavor to the puff, and now you can choose from honey, gingerbread, vanilla, peanut butter, maple, chocolate, and the original molasses. If you are creating a gift basket one of our gourmet puff candy boxes makes an attractive focal point.

Ribbon candy is a seasonal product. Our extra thin ribbon candy is thinner than a dime and comes in 14 flavors for assortments. It also comes in Peanut Butter. Because of its thinness, it is fragile. It does not ship and thus is not available outside of New England and cannot be sent to you. In November or December, stop by the factory  and purchase a box. Any ribbon candy shipped to you by others will not match the thinness of ours. Our candy can be seen through the window on the box. It is also on display at candy stores. We are proud of our candy and want you to see what you are buying and enjoy it as much as we enjoy providing to you.

If you would like a custom order please use the below form to send us the information that you would like to receive and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You!